The Logic of the Gambling Machine

gambling machine

The thing about gambling machines is, it is very easy to work out that they are rigged against you, due to the simple logic that if it was possible to beat them in anything but the very short term, they wouldn’t exist at all. So even though it is certainly possible to get suckered in to playing them, the trick is basically transparent. In this sense, the gambling machine is the most honest form of exploitative labour.

For, we must say that it is startling that, many of the very same people who would look at a gambling machine and think, of course it is exploiting me, otherwise it wouldn’t exist at all, remain committed to a vicious capitalist system that really has the exact same logic propelling it.

Or, perhaps this wasn’t quite true until very recently. But especially since the imposition of austerity the truth has been all too naked: the world is run by people who genuinely believe that, just because something doesn’t make any money, this is in itself a sufficient reason for it not to exist. And, likewise, just because something does make money, this is all the justification you need. Lord Browne is exemplary of this tendency: a man who recommended to the government that we pretty much dismantle every aspect of the university sector that doesn’t directly contribute to the economy in the very short term, and who is genuinely incapable of offering any justification for gay marriage other than the fact that it would be ‘good for business’.

These people should worry you far more than the racist thugs of the EDL or anything like this, because not only do they actually hold power, but they would happily send you off to the abbatoirs, not even because they hated you (which would at least afford your existential condition some sort of dignity), but simply because there was marginally more profit to be had in doing it than not.

But of course (since you are reading this), they haven’t done this, yet. And you are (perhaps) still working (or at least doing something) for now. And so since these people do really control the world, this indicates that you, and your life, only exists because, like the gambling machine, someone is making money off of it.

Therefore, I think we must conclude: you would be far better off quitting your job and dedicating yourself full-time to becoming a slot jockey. At least this is a perverse sort of way of owning your unfreedom.

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