gala pie

Hi, my name is Tom Whyman. I’m a freelance writer (my work has appeared in places like the New York Times) and I also teach Philosophy part-time at the University of Essex. In philosophy, I work on Frankfurt School critical theory, German Idealism, Kierkegaard, and contemporary ethical naturalism. In my non-academic life, I’ve published pieces on things like why cupcakes are fascist; the political significance of the Great British Bake-Off; and why tendencies embodied in my home town are in some sense responsible for Britain voting to leave the European Union.

I’m very much available to write more things like this if you wish to commission me to do so for money; I’m also willing to listen to any points of discussion you might want to raise concerning things I’ve written on my blog or elsewhere, or just to receive your praise or abuse. Just email me: [tomwhyman@googlemail.com].